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kathryn is an artist, fashionista, quilter, cook, baker, gardener and storyteller  
current & upcoming exhibits
Crafting Democracy: Fine Arts & Activism
  *Love Wins!
  11/29/2019 - 1/10/2020
    The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, OH
  01/2020 - 03/2020
    The Bevier, Rochester Institute of
    Technology, Rochester, NY 
Guns: Loaded Conversations
  *End Gun Violence
  1/15/2020 - 2/8/2020
    University Art Gallery, Central Michigan
    University, Mount Pleasant, MI
  7/30/2020 - 8/2/2020
    Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, England, UK
Small Works 2020 Exhibition
 *Chickens Rule the Roost
  *Cowboy Jack and Geeky Chic Lulu
  *The Beauty Shop
  1/16/20 - 2/16/20
    Center for Detroit Arts + Culture at 
    Marygrove, Detroit, MI
recent publications
Artists To Watch
  Art Quilt Quarterly (SAQA), Winter 2019,
  Issue 17
Quilting the Odd & Unusual:
Fashionista Quilter 
  (an interview with Kathryn)
  Art Quilting Studio, Spring 2019  
Quilting Arts TV, Series 2300 Spring 2019
  Episode 2304 (Collage Techniques)                     Fashionistas: Paper Dolls for Grown Ups
  Episode 2307 (The Wheels Keep Turning)           Backart
  Episode 2309 (Words) Word Salad
  Check your local PBS station for dates.
Member Gallery: Rhyme or Reason
  SAQA Journal 2018, Volume 28, No. 4
  *Word Salad
 *quilts on exhibit

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