Artist * Fashionista * Quilter *Cook 
Baker * Gardener * Storyteller  
Recent Media
Quilting Arts TV, Series 2300 Spring 2019
  • Episode 2304 (Collage Techniques)               Fashionistas: Paper Dolls for Grown Ups
  • Episode 2307 (The Wheels Keep Turning)       Backart
  • Episode 2309 (Words) Word Salad
Recent & Upcoming Publications
  • Exploring Art Quilts with SAQA: Volume 2, 2021, Artist to Watch Interview
  • Artists To WatchArt Quilt Quarterly (SAQA), Winter 2019, Issue 17
  • Quilting the Odd & Unusual: Fashionista Quilter (an interview with Kathryn)Art Quilting Studio, Spring 2019  
Current & Upcoming Exhibits
  • Sacred Threads Backyard Escape
    (A Fashionista and Her Garden)
     3/2021 -- 6/2021, University of Michigan
     Hospital, Taubman Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI 
  • Arts Quilts 2 (SAQA Regional Exhibit)
    (A Fashionista in Quaratine & It's My Birthday      Again!)
     6/2021 -- 9/2021, California Heritage              Museum, Santa Monica, CA
     Spring 2022 TBD, Sanchez Art Center,                Pacifica, CA
Angry Nasty Woman Detail
Angry Nasty Woman Detail


Poetry Fashionista detail
Poetry Fashionista detail

Angry Nasty Woman Detail
Angry Nasty Woman Detail