Lecture & Workshops

Word Salad, Fashionistas & Girlfriends
Lecture (Zoom or In Person)

Fun, entertaining, and amusing with Word Salad, Fashionistas and Girl-friends and a few Angry and Not So Angry Women, I chronicle how quilting frames and tells the story of my real and imagined life and my love of storytelling that took me from fashion design to traditional, hand-pieced miniatures to quilts to sleep under to cartoon quilts to fashionistas and angry and not so angry women.

Paper Dolls For Grown Ups

Workshop: Zoom (one hour pre-class + four hour class) or In Person (6 hours)
Use your imagination, fusible applique, conversational prints, free cutting and free motion applique to create a small single frame cartoon featuring your own unique fashionistas.  Learn how to draw figures, style hair, create dresses, shoes and handbags.
Finished Project:  8" - 14" with one or more fashionistas.
Lecture (Zoom or In Person)         $400
Three Hour Workshop                $400
Five Hour Zoom Workshop         $600
Six Hour Workshop                   $700
Handout                                       $8
(full color w/patterns & instructions)
General Information:
No design or drawing experience needed for any workshops.  Just be open to new ideas, having fun and exploring creativity.
Word Salad
Workshop: In Person (6 hours)
Create your own found poem or story using words found in your fabric collection in this creative, playful and fun filled workshop adding your own fashionista storyteller or a preprinted figure to complete your story.  Your poem or story can be as long or as short as you like.
Finished Project:  8" -- 12" finished piece with one fashionista.
Fashionista Postcards
Workshop:  In Person (6 hours)
Create a whimsical postcard collection using fusible applique and conversational prints to design, outfit and accessorize your own fashionistas using free cutting and free motion quilting.  
Finished Project:  A collection of 3" x 4" postcards suitable for framing.
Not So Mindless Scrap Quilts
Workshop: Zoom or In Person (3 hours)
 Using a glue stick or the sewing machine, create a wall hanging while exploring design possibilities of abstract or pictorial busy, bold and bodacious, large scale prints to make traditional blocks. Learn how to   efficiently cut and piece blocks and then organize them so they sparkle.
Finished Project:  34" x 34" or larger wallhanging.
A She Shed Of My Own
Workshop: In Person (6 hours)
Using your imagination and sense of humor, create and decorate your own personal hideaway, real or imaginary, using fusible applique, conversational prints and free cutting.  Thread and free motion quilting create texture and transform your fabric.  Figure is cut from a commercial print.
Finished Project:  12" -- 18" or smaller wallhanging.
Backart On the Flip Side 
Workshop: In Person (3 hours)
Explore creative solutions and experiment with new ideas for quilt backs that address fabric shortages, leftover strips and blocks, and enlarged design elements. (Backart - On the Flip Side, Leone Publications, 1991).
Finished Project:  One day class - pieced quilt back; half day class - ideas and concepts only
2022 Lectures & Workshops
Nimble Fingers Quilters, Germantown, MD (Zoom)
  May 4, Lecture:  Word Salad, Fashionistas and Girlfriends
Coachella Valley Quilt Guild, 
Palm Desert, CA (In Person)   
  September 10, Lecture: A Fashionista in 

Sierra Gold Quilters Guild, Pine Grove, CA (In Person)
                         September 13, Lecture: Word Salad, Fashionistas and Girlfriends
  September 14, Workshop:  Fashionistas: Paper Dolls for Grown Ups

Village Quilters, Cantonville, MD (Zoom)         
   October 20, Lecture: Word Salad, Fashionistas and Girlfriends
Wandering Foot Guild, Arcadia, CA (In Person)      
   November 16, Lecture: Word Salad, Fashionistas and Girlfriends

2023 Lectures & Workshops
Wandering Foot Guild, Arcadia, CA (Zoom)          
   January 28,
Zoom Workshop:  Fashionistas: Paper Dolls for Grown Ups
Central Coast Quilters, Arroyo Grande CA (In Person)  
   April 25
, Lecture:  Word Salad, Fashionistas and Girlfriends 
   April 26, Workshop:  Word Salad

Quilters Piece Corp, Hespira, CA
 (In Person)
   September 11, Lecture:  Word Salad, Fashionistas and Girlfriends 
Canyon Quilters, San Diego CA (In Person) 

   September 18, Lecture:  Word Salad, Fashionistas and Girlfriends
   September 23,
Workshop:  Fashionistas: Paper Dolls for Grown Ups with a          Splash of Word Salad
North Cities Quilt Guild, Yorba Linda, CA (In Person)   
   October 17,
Workshop:  Fashionistas: Paper Dolls for Grown Ups
   October 18, Lecture:  Word Salad, Fashionistas and Girlfriends