lecture & workshops

a fashionista's journey
a lecture
A chronicle of how quilting frames my life.  The story of my fun filled journey and love of storytelling that took me from fashion design to traditional and hand-pieced miniatures to cartoon quilts to whimsical fashionistas and angry nasty women and everything that influenced me and happened along the way.
Trunk show or slide show.
lecture                                    $350
one day workshop                    $600
two day workshop                  $1200
handout                                       $8
(full color w/patterns & instructions)
general information:
No design or drawing experience needed for any workshops.  Just be open to new ideas, having fun and exploring creativity.
paper dolls for grown ups
a one day workshop
Using your imagination, fusible applique, conversational prints, free cutting and free motion applique, create a small single frame scene featuring your own unique fashionistas.  You will learn how to draw figures, style hair, create dresses, shoes and handbags.
Finished Project:  8" - 14" finished piece with one or more fashionistas that can be framed.
a she shed of my own...
a one day workshop
Using your imagination and sense of humor, create and decorate your own personal hideaway, real or imaginary, a cottage or a cabin or anything else, using fusibile applique, conversational prints and free cutting.  Use thread and free motion quilting to create texture and transform your fabric.  Figure is cut from a commercial print.
Finished Project:  18" x 18" or smaller wallhanging.
fashionista postcards...
a one day workshop
Create a whimsical postcard collection using fusible applique and conversational prints to design, outfit and accessorize your own fashionistas using free cutting and free motion quilting.  
Finished Project:  A collection of 3" x 4" postcards suitable for framing.
a fashionista and her she shed
a two day workshop
This fun and playful workshop combines Fashionistas: Paper Dolls
for Grown Ups and A She Shed of Her Own and your own found poem using words found in your fabric or your own using free motion quilting.  Day 1 is design; Day 2 is sewing.
Finished Project:  18" x 18" or smaller finished wallhanging  that can be framed or hung.
word salad
a one day or half day workshop 
Create your own found poem or story using words found in your fabric collection in this creative, playful and fun filled workshop adding your own fashionista storyteller or a preprinted figure to complete your story.  Your poem or story can be as long or as short as you like
Finished Project:  8" x 14" finished piece with one fashionista.
backart on the flip side ...
a one day or half day workshop
Explore creative solutions and experiment with new ideas for quilt backs that address fabric shortages, leftover strips and blocks, and enlarged design elements. (Backart - On the Flip Side, Leone Publications, 1991).
Finished Project:  One day class - pieced quilt back; half day class - ideas and concepts only
2019 lectures & workshops
LA County QG, Downey, CA. June 29 Lecture 
   June 20 Workshop: Paper Dolls for Grown Ups 
San Fernando Valley QA, Northridge, CA. Jul 7 Lecture
   Jul 9 Workshop: Backart on the Flip Side
TLC Quilters, Covina, CA. July 11 Lecture
SLO Quilters, San Luis Obispo, CA Aug 12 Lecture
Orange Grove QG, Fountain Valley, CA Aug 14 Lecture;
   Aug 15 Workshop: Paper Dolls for Grown Ups
Almond County QG, Paso Robles, CA. Sept 6 Lecture
   Sept 7 Workshop: Paper Dolls for Grown Ups
South Bay QG, Torrance, CA. Nov 19 Lecture
   Nov 20 Workshop: Word Salad
2020 lectures & workshops
Orange County QG, Orange, CA.  May 12 Lecture; May 13 Workshop:  TBD
Crazy Quilters QG, Laguna Woods, CA.  Feb 12 Lecture
2021 lectures & workshops
Surfside Quilters, San Clemente, CA. Oct 12 Lecture; Oct 13 Workshop:

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