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Fashionistas and Word Salad + Some Angry Women and Not So Angry Woman

What Is a Fashionista?

A Fashionista is commonly defined as a devoted follower of fashion, although not necessarily someone who follows trends.


My idea of a Fashionista is someone who approaches getting dressed as an art form.  She is stylish, and expresses herself artfully through her clothes and accessories.  Her body is a canvas that expresses her creativity.


My Fashionistas are strong, independent, original, confident, and powerful women.  They combine femininity and feminism with a splash of humor.


What Is Word Salad?

Word Salad is a type of found poem and literary collage.  As with my Fashionista quilts, I create Word Salad by cutting up fun, conversational prints from multiple fabric lines.  Sometimes the words arrange themselves revealing a theme for the poem, while at other times I pick the words and phrases that speak to me.  My Word Salad poems are always a surprise to me.

What Are Angry Women?

Angry Women is my response to my feelings about current social issues, although, I am starting to include some traditional quilting and fashion inspired pieces


Unless noted, most quilts are for sale. 

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