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Kathryn Pellman is an artist, fashionista, quilter, cook, baker, gardener and storyteller. Her whimsical series of small, playful, single frame cartoons featuring long limbed and knobby kneed Fashionistas that invoke fashion illustration. Fashionistas mixed with some Word Salad combine fashion and quilting along with her passions and are a celebration and exploration of women and femininity, their lives, friendships and romantic relationships, real and imagined.  Angry Women and Not So Angry Women are powerful, life-size and larger and express the artist’s thoughts and feelings about issues that impact all of us or reflect her love of fashion and connection to traditional quilting.

Commercial fabric is her paint; thread is her ink and the sewing machine her pen. Her quilts have a strong connection to traditional quilting making in their construction with the sandwiching of three layers that are stitched together.

She is a Juried Artist member of SAQA (Studio Art Quilters Association), has a Certificate in Fashion Design and has been sewing ever since she could thread a needle.  Kathryn is the author of Word Salad, Fashionistas and Girlfriends and the coauthor of Backart -- On the Flip Side.

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