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Five Calls Real and Imagined
  • Five Calls Real and Imagined

    Five calls a week to our Senators, Congresswomen/men is just one way that each of us as individuals can make a difference by speaking up.  It turns out that all snippets of my calls on this piece are pretty much a reflection of the messages I left.  The writing on her hair is brain chatter and everything I am worried about. And, yes, I did tell the person I spoke with at Senator McCain's office that if he doesn't start to vote with his conscience, he will end up sounding like and old windbag.  I am always polite and friendly and try to connect with whoever I am speaking with.  I would like to think that we all care about the future of our country despite out differences.  My mantra for surviving Trump is resist and persist which is quilted in between the call snippets.  Wood Guthrie’s This Land is Your Land, which was originally written as a protest song,  is quilted on her dress.
    • Details

      34" x 58"
      Angry Nasty Women Series
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