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Without A Home
  • Without A Home


    We need affordable housing and we need it now.


    Writing On Dress:

    The 2017 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count determined that there are 57,794 individuals experiencing homelessness in the County of Los Angeles on any given night, 42,828 who go unsheltered.  They literally live on the street.  Housing First places homeless individuals into apartments not temporary shelter and provides them with customized services.  In the world's richest nation, homelessness on this scale should be shameful and shocking.  Most Angelenos are uncomfortable, irritated, disgusted, scared or oblivious.  The homeless in LA are not who you think they are.  The mentally ill account for about a third of the homeless.  A greater proportion of people living on the streets are there because of bad luck or a series of mistakes, or because the economy forgot them.  Over the last six years, rent for a one-bedroom apartment has increased 67%.  Median household income increased 23%. Median household income increased 23%.  Los Angeles has to allow construction.  A lot of it.  A city cannot say it is full.    Los Angeles' homeless crisis is a national disgrace.  Mayor Garcetti and Los Angeles City Council what's your plan?  Quotes from LA Times series Without a Home, 2018.


    Writing on Right Leg:

    Over 553,000 people experience homeless in the US on any given night.  Over 10% live in LA County.  Meg Shimatsu, Ioan Lonita, Floarea Salagian, Samuel Raymond, Penny Baden, Lazarus, April Jane, Moody Tanksley are without a home.

    Writing on Left Leg:

    Without A Home, a quilt by Kathryn Alison Pellman 2018.  Edie, Ruby, DJMeek, Andrew Hudson, Kara Miller, Stafford Wilson, Bradley Breest, Joryelle Maragen, Brenda, Manuel Martinez, Liz Mendoza, Jack Harten, Sebastian, Nadia are without a home.


    57" x 88"


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