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Word Salad Fashionistas and Girlfriends
  • Word Salad Fashionistas and Girlfriends


    Word Salad, Fashionistas and Girlfriends is a visually and verbally, colorful and playful, fully illustrated book of found poems and literary collage. The Fashionistas are strong, independent, original, confident, and powerful while combining femininity and feminism.  They are also amusing. The Word Salad poems tell their stories with a splash of humor as they enjoy and navigate life, friendships, and romance, both real and imagined.


    Melding quilting and fashion design, small, single-frame cartoon appliqué art quilts colorfully illustrate and tell the Fashionista’s stories. Whimsical, playful, long limbed and knobby kneed Fashionistas include the Awesome Sewists Wine & Fabric Collective, My Retired Old Friend Violet, and Genius Dog People who tell their stories by mixing up some Word Salad poems.  


    Along with a few dogs and some cats and chickens, including an exhausting, sexy alphabet fresh fashion feline, the Fashionistas share their tales along with some hot gossip, hot flash birthday concerns, artisan baked treats, a nervous rooster, a short fellow and a tall girl on a smokin’ hot date, urban NYC icons, everyday exercising, peppy breasts, old guys and pink eye, summer love, straight well hung single men, undergarment trouble, and a gratifying situation for a latte.


    At 62 pages and 8” x 8”, Word Salad, Fashionistas and Girlfriends is the perfect friendship or hostess gift for your girlfriends or yourself.

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